Saving Money on Your First Apt.

by Minority Fortune

apartmentWith the real estate bust, there are more options for the apartment seekers in the current market. Young Money reports how to take advantage of it so that you can save money on your first apartment. Then, you can put that savings towards investing in yourself.

1. Negotiate rent: Research the average apartment prices for the area. Find rent negotiation techniques online and put ‘em to use!
2. Incentives: Any benefits for signing a lease such as reduced rent or no-rent for a short period? Do the math and determine which offer has the best financial savings.
3. Negotiate Lease: See if any part of your lease is negotiable. Check to see if a shorter lease, paid utilities, leasing, or lower deposits are possible.
4. Go Green: Using sustainable energy or low-energy supplies, electronics, and equipment can be big savers. Consider low-flow toilets, energy saver light bulbs, low-flow shower heads.

*Image courtesy of Comstock Images.
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