Rejuvenation Series: 5 Glamorous Pick-Me-Ups

by Minority Fortune

releaseBeing wealthy is a 360-degree project: top to bottom, inside out, social environment to home environment. When it’s mastered, it can lead to an inner peace. It’ll lead you to emit radiance and increase productivity. We can get caught up in our lives from time to time and need a little change to wake us up again.

With the implementation of some small adjustments, you can find yourself in lifted spirits. By making small changes on the outside, you’re likely to experience a change on the inside. It’s that simple.

1. Exfoliation: Bye-bye old cells. Hello, new ones! While your skin does naturally shed dead cells on its own, you could make an event of it. Once you scrub away those dead cells, you’ll find your skin smoother and refreshing. A cleanser with microbeads or sugar is optimal for exfoliation.
2. Smiling: So simple that it seems ridiculous. However, studies show that smiling can lift your mood. It makes sense because your body will attempt to product what you perpetuate. Better to have your body perpetuate happiness than sadness.
3. Clean Smile: You’ll gain confidence if you have a pretty smile. There’s plenty of products on the market for teeth whiteners. However, the ever-cheap baking soda with toothpaste never fails. If you’ve ever noticed most wealthy elite, they have nice smiles. So, it must be something worth emulating.
4. Dash of Happiness: Have a perfume or essential oil that makes you feel good when you wear or smell it? Then, wear it! If it’s an essential oil, place it near your workstation and places you often sit for elongated periods of time. You deserve to be happy!
5. Rejuvenate the Eyes: Since we’re using our eyes throughout the entire duration of our awakened existence, it would be smart to be kind to them every now and then. Consider placing a cold substance over your eyes for about five minutes. Common objects used are cucumbers, tea bags, and cold washcloths.

*Image courtesy of Pascal Broze.
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