Reduce Money on Gas

by Minority Fortune

If you commute daily in your own vehicle, it’s no secret that gas expenses add up faster than Diddy’s self-promotion on Twitter. Since gas is a necessary evil, here are some ways to reduce your expenses:

gaspumping Reduce usage of your breaks.
• Remember: The GAS pedal is not your friend.
• Reduce your speed to 40-60.
• Coast or use cruise control.
• Keep your car lightweight. (trunk and body)
• Maintain the tire pressure.
• Maintain your air filters.
• Reduce wind resistance. (windows rolled down, racks, etc.)
• Use Gas Perks Credit Cards if you manage your credit well
• Check Gasbuddy for best gas rate.
• Utilize smaller, gas-friendly cars.
• Find a sexy hybrid or electric car.
• Buy Gas on Low Peak days (mid-week)
• “Walk it out” like Unk.
• Get a new set of sexy wheels: The Bicycle

*Image courtesy of Ariel Skelley.
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