Re-Energizing in One Minute

by Minority Fortune


Everyone could use a break in the day to refocus. Sadly, many don’t. They go through their day working whilst being half-present. It may be automatic to give yourself a bathroom break. One should also consider giving themselves a refocus break. Skip the “I don’t have any time” excuses. Take a minute or two to re-energize and center yourself.

We found a concise meditative video on YouTube that gets straight to the point on re-energizing yourself in one minute. Whilst meditation is one solution, you could find a one-minute yoga exercise, prayer, exercise, stretch, etc. Surely your body is worth a minute of your sole attention. While once a day is better than nothing, we recommend practicing a one-minute refocus exercise 2-3 times a day. It may only be a few solitary minutes, but its effect is priceless.

Check out this one minute meditation video if you’d like:

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