Gentlemen: How to Dress For Success

by Minority Fortune


Guys, do you have your appearance together?

It’s important to put yourself together in an impressive presentation. For some inspiration, check out the style of the most powerful man in the country, President Barack Obama!


If you’re looking for someone to emulate, the president’s style isn’t a bad choice at all!!


Forbes offers some key advice for putting together your attire.

• Button down shirt in traditional blue or white (sometimes a yellow, pink can pass)
• Blue, grey, or black jacket
• Polished shoes
• Slacks that compliment the jacket
• Conservative ties
• Dark dress socks

*Bonus Tips: Forbes recommends buying a couple dozen pairs of black/ navy blue socks to avoid cross-matching. We advocate that you have your suits custom-tailored for that ultimate power look.

Images courtesy of Getty Images & BLOOMimage
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