Learning Success from Microsoft

by Minority Fortune


We may be in a recession, but now is the perfect call for action. The world is awaiting the revolutionary changes that will be born from these times. Supply and demand never stops. We repeat: supply and demand never stops. You can succeed in the downturn.

If you want tips on how to take over the world, it doesn’t hurt to look at the operations of those who have done it. Microsoft’s record speaks for itself. The Harvard Business Review recently featured an article about Microsoft’s globally remodeled research and development sector. We thought these ideas could be converted and utilized by entrepreneurs and individuals all over.

1.    Address society’s needs. Microsoft decided to tackle the societal need of illiteracy in Brazil, India, and South Africa by partnering with developmental economists to discover a cost effective solution.
2.    Collaborate with established experts and scale up your efforts. Despite Microsoft being a mega-billionaire conglomerate, they didn’t attempt to tackle the problem of illiteracy alone. To further push their project, they partnered up with local NGOs and grassroot organizations.
3.    Find efficient models/ examples & emulate them in new areas. Microsoft took their best practices from India and scaled them to new developing areas.

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