Learning from 50 Cent

by Minority Fortune

50′s Success

Not only is 50 Cent a rich dude, he’s a smart dude. He entered the music industry as an artist. Now he’s a mogul with his own brand with over $150 million in net worth. Like Jay Z, he’s expanding into profitable arenas. His biggest celebrated accomplishment outside of his bestselling albums was his deal with Vitamin Water. CNBC reports in the clip that he earned $100 million from the water deal after taxes, which contrasts the rumors stating that he had amassed $400 million from the deal. However, he hasn’t stopped there. His latest project has been a book co-authored with Robert Greene titled The 50th Law, which follows up the 48 Laws of Power with an action plan mixed in with an urbanite hustle perspective.

We like this clip because it does showcase the brilliance of 50 Cent. He discusses the Vitamin Water deal, his thought process, fear, and his new book. He’s moving forward and not staying stuck to his past accomplishments. He preaches that one shouldn’t be fearful. So, if you have about 8.5 minutes to spare, check the video out.

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