Jay Z Shows Us How to Move “On to the Next”

by Minority Fortune

On Jay Z’s new album Blueprint 3 he has a song titled “On to the Next”. Beyond the catchy beat, there’s a message to be learned.

Hov on that new shit
N*s like how come
N*s want my old shit
Buy my old album
N*s stuck on stupid
I gotta keep it movin
N*s make the same shit
Me, I make the Blueprint
Came in the Range
Hopped out the Lexus
Every year since
I been on that next shit
Traded in the gold for platinum Rolexes
Now a n* wrist match the status of my records
Used to rock a throwback
Ballin on the corner
Now I rock a tailored suit
Lookin like a owner

We really like the content embedded within these lyrics. They reveal how far Jay Z has come. He went from being in the industry to owning part of the industry. Now he has a great fortune under his belt, which we’re sure will continue to grow. Yet, instead of hanging onto his accomplishments, he stays affixed to the future. We love it! We take a few things away from these lyrics:

Jay Z Grammys

•    Be comfortable straying from the crowd.
•    Never look back. Stay ahead.
•    Make your own blueprint.
•    Don’t get stuck. Move on to the next thing.
•    Dress like a success, whether you’re there yet or not.
•    Take ownership for your status.

If you’d like to hear the song, check it out here on You Tube. If you really like it, you should get it on ITunes.

Now, “on to the next” we go!

*Image courtesy of Red Carpet Colors.
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