iPhone Apps that Save You Money

by Minority Fortune

If you have an iPhone by your side, you may want to put that expensive thing to use to save you money, as ironic as that sounds. With the Apps store and iTunes podcasts, the ideas are endless. However, we’ll put a few things on your radar.

Young Money featured an excellent article on iPhone apps that can save you money. If you’re curious about the entire list, go check out the article. We’ll highlight a few that we liked:

•    Mint: It’s a free financial application that helps you set budgets, track your spending, and monitor your bank & credit accounts. We like their regular application as well.
•    Cheap Gas: Free app that gives you the heads up on the lowest gas prices in your area.
•    Jobs: A free mobile app provided by Careerbuilder that lets you search for jobs in your area.

In addition to those apps suggested by Young Money, we recommend coupon apps to find deals that will have you cutting costs on your spending. There’s a few we’ll spotlight:

•    Yowza Mobile Coupons
•    MobiQpon’s Coupons
•    Coupon Sherpa

*Image courtesy of CrunchGear.
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