Highest Earning Deceased Celebrities

by Minority Fortune

michaelscreen A celebrity that continues to earn massive income after passing has certainly mastered the wealth journey. To have your wealth journey continue to progress after your passing is highly commendable. They get our highest respects here at Minority Fortune.

There are certain brands that have remained iconic throughout the decades. Some examples of such are Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, J.F. Kennedy, Tupac, Ron L. Hubbard, etc. We’re curious to know just how much their brands bring in. Luckily, Forbes recently posted an article detailing the top grossing celebs that have passed away. The newest addition would be Michael Jackson, who has shot to the number three spot for the year.

We present to you the Forbes list for top earning celebs that are deceased:

I. Yves Saint Laurent -$350 million
II. Rodgers & Hammerstein – $235 million
III. Michael Jackson – $90 million
IV. Elvis Presley – $55 million
V. J.R.R. Tolkien – $50 million
VI. Charles Schulz – $35 million
VII. John Lennon – $15 million
VIII. Dr. Seuss – $15 million
IX. Albert Einstein – $10 million
X. Michael Crichton – $9 million
XI. Aaron Spelling – $8 million
XII. Jimi Hendrix – $8 million
XIII. Andy Warhol – $6 million

Rest in Peace, guys. Congrats for your continued successes even after passing away!

*Image courtesy of Abductit.
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