Have You Analyzed Your Worth Per Hour?

by Minority Fortune


Many in the workforce earn salaries and don’t give much thought to their hourly wage, but you just might want to after looking at this post.

We went over to Investopedia and used their monthly wage calculator. We used $5,000 as a monthly wage. The numbers were shocking:

Per Day:     $164.38
Per Hour:     $6.85
Per Minute::     $0.11
Per Second::     $0.00

We want to clarify that Investopedia’s interpretation is broken down for every minute of your day. If you divide your monthly income by your 40 hour workweek, then it would be $31.25. However, that income is for your daily living, so it’s important to look at the 24 hr breakdown.

It’s important to analyze your earnings. You’ll gain a new perspective about your wealth income. Are you satisfied with the numbers? Want to increase your worth?

Go break down your wage!

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