Greed: Wealth’s Worst Enemy

by Minority Fortune

We’d be lying if we said that greed isn’t a part of human nature. It’s one of those traits that you have to constantly work on for the rest of your life. It comes and goes, but it loves to stick around when there’s a potential for wealth and power. Keeping greed in check is a skill.

Sadly, Madoff is an example of someone who let greed get the best of them. There are probably numerous examples within your daily lives of greed, whether it’s watching people compete for money on a reality show or higher corporate positions. Greedy people are controlled by this emotion. They have failed to control it and have let the emotion dictate their lives instead.

Do not join the masses. Don’t be greedy. Furthermore, take time regularly to humble yourself. Be grateful, and watch the universe gift greatness upon you.

Examples of when greed won and made people lose:

•    Damon Dash filing for bankruptcy for poor spending habits
•    Enron’s collapse for horrible fund mismanagement
•    50 Cent’s baby mother deciding she wanted more money, went to court, and ended up with even less
•    Madoff siphoning away billions of dollars and getting caught
•    Someone getting greedy, thus causing Michael Jackson’s homicide over his wealth
•    New Jersey’s political scandal involving over 40 politicians and rabbis conducting illegal business

*Image courtesy of Andersen Ross.
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