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The beauty of ivy league schools participating in social media is the resources that they offer. Users can access these powerful resources for free. Thus, you receive powerful information and knowledge from experts at the top of their field. There’s no tuition, no loans, and no dorms. So, where can this knowledge utopia be found? ITunes U.

ITunes U can prove to be very beneficial on the journey to wealth. You can find a range of targeted information. Located on the site is a variety of subjects from finance, business, to economics. Needless to say, Minority Fortune encourages you to use these resources to your advantage to master the road to wealth. We’ve collected a range of lectures on the subject that we believe to be very helpful on the matter.

Top 10 Useful College Lectures for Wealth Building:

1.   Predictably Irrational: Learn how to control your behavior and make smart decisions even during a crisis. [Duke University]
2.    True to Yourself: Leading a Life of Service and Fulfillment: Social entrepreneur Mark S. Albion can give you inspiration to pursue a new direction in life amid financial crisis. [Princeton University]
3.    Happiness, economics and society: Consider whether or not focusing on happiness rather than economic growth would prove beneficial to society. [University of Warwick]
4.    Financial Management: This series of lectures can help you analyze risk, stocks and budgeting. [ACU]
5.    Financial Planning and Control: This lecture series covers bonds, stocks, portfolio theory, investment basics, tax planning, and more. [Loyola Marymount University]
6.    China and Globalization: Find out why this lecturer believes “China is the most important global economic story of the 21st century.” [Marketplace]
7.    The Global Economic and Financial Market: Min Zhu, the Vice President of Bank of China Limited leads this lecture. [Princeton University]
8.    Building a Business: Learn about the science of entrepreneurship as well as basic business skills that will keep you afloat. [Oxford University]
9.   Business Planning: Strengthen your business plan with this lecture. [Ludwig-Maximilians-University]
10.  Entrepreneurship : Consider starting your own business with this lecture. [Cambridge University]

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