Four Things That Are Good for the Soul

by Minority Fortune

Beneath the skin and bones of every human being lies a soul. While our soul may not be something physical, we need to spiritually nourish it. There’s nothing more powerful than a well-nourished soul. There’s nothing more scary than a corrupted, neglected soul. Think about it. Would you rather look like this

or this

On our journey of life, physically things such as money and objects will go. However, we’re stuck with our body and soul for our entire life. Yet, we often neglect our bodies and souls, the main vessels that carry our very existence. Would you drive across the country in an old, unreliable car with a broken engine? Probably not. So, can you achieve wealth in an sick, unreliable body with a broken soul? Probably not.

Ken Lauher shares four components from Oprah that are good for the soul. We will share them with you as we think they’ll do wonders in aiding you on your wealth journey.

1. Harmony. The perception of power as external that separates nations is the same that exists between individuals. The love, clarity and compassion that emerges within the person that aligns themselves with the soul is the same that will bring harmony to other people’s lives.

2. Cooperation. We are together because we want to be together, not because we have to be. Realizing together, co-creations emerge.

3. Sharing. Share what is important to you—not possessions. Give yourself.

4. Reverence for Life. Reverence is a level of protection and honor about the process of life so that while a person is maturing toward the journey and through the journey of authentic empowerment, he or she harms nothing.

Remember to nourish your soul and body on a regular basis!

*Images courtesy of Bix Burkhart and Scott Quinn Photography.
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