Encouraging Black Wealth

by Minority Fortune

becoverjune08Towards the end of July, Black Enterprise began a series called “Establishing a Legacy of Wealth”. It tackled a lot of prominent issues. The truth is that people are migrating to this country from other countries and racking in the dough. They’re sending their kids to Ivy League schools and helping their children start their own businesses. We have no more excuses.

Where’s our legacy? Where’s our trust fund for the kids? Where’s our businesses?

The BE series was written by Ryan Mack and divided into four separate parts. Information and education will be our guiding forces out of poverty and into a legacy of wealth. It’s time to collaborate and grow our greatness. We already know our power. Once it’s exercised, magic happens. Let’s create magic together. Let’s do what some think cannot be done.

•    Taking the Poverty out of the People – Part 1
•    Taking Care of Business – Part 2
•    Taking Stock of How We Spend – Part 3
•    Taking Control of Our Destinies – Part 4

*Image courtesy of Freshplays.
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