Don’t Listen to the Market: Become Your Own Fortress.

by Minority Fortune

National media has been reporting that things “appear” to be getting better. The stock market is rising, unemployment has decreased, home values seem to have bottomed out, and things are just looking rosy! Who cares! We’re not trying to get political here. What we are trying to do is encourage your financial dependence. If you have debt, bad cash flow, few assets, then these should be your priorities. Once your financial household has been taken care of, then you can stop and worry about financial institutions and their missing billions/trillions.

We ourselves are striving for independence so that whether a recession, depression, bubble burst, political mayhem, bull market, or bear market occurs, we’ll be okay. Our goal is to be financially mobile like those sitting in the top Forbes Wealthy lists. This way we can rely on our own financial padding to stay afloat. We can stand to lose a few million or billion and be financially sound.

You’ve probably come to realize that the roller coaster ride that the economy is on can be exhausting. Just as sure as there are “ups”, there will be “downs”. Instead of being dependent on the financial weather, build yourself a financial umbrella that can withstand drenching rains and glaring heat. Then the next time you notice Goldman Sachs or Bank of America asking for a bailout, you can reach out and offer them your consulting services.

Remember: It’s not that we don’t want you to care about the market. We just want our readers to be focused on their wealth journey and progression. Don’t get caught up in the financial cycles. They come, and they go. However, your wealth journey will stick with you forever.

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