Changing the Way You Think

by Minority Fortune

Glasses of WaterIs your glass half empty or half full? Is your wealth journey half-empty or half-full? Different mindsets will yield different answers. One answer will cause you to feel accomplished while the other will have you feeling drained. One answer will boost your self-esteem while the opposing answer will destroy it. The way that we think is indeed very powerful because it sets off a chain of behaviors based on a viewpoint.

Having goals is perfectly fine, but it’s important to acknowledge your progressions. If you wanted to run 30 miles but could only run 15, then at least you’re far from the starting point. With the half-full mentality, you’ll be fired up enough to continue moving forward.

If you find yourself constantly unfulfilled, then it may be time to shift your thinking. An inspirational passage on Ken Lauher’s site states the following words of wisdom by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

Reexamine what true, lasting, enjoyment is. Even though the effects of the Tao may initially have no appeal to your seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling faculties, they’ll fulfill the longing you’re trying to sate with worldly pursuits. When you’re chasing any passing fancy, begin recognizing its value in the here and now, but stop trying to get it to satisfy a greater longing.

3 Ways to Alter Your Thinking:

1. Never focus on negativity: By dwelling on negativity, you allow it to take control over your life. Nothing is the way it is unless you accept it and speak it into existence. Should something negative occur, accept it and then let it go.
2. Reiterate your blessings: There’s always someone out there who has it worse than you do. Start every day or end every night by recounting all the things in life that are going well.
3. Fixate on where you’re going: Put that tension to action with moving forward. Keep your eye on the prize. Visualize its effects and allow that to inspire you.

*Image courtesy of Paul Petruck.
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