Buyers Beware

by Minority Fortune

shockIt’s a recession. That means retailers and consumers alike are finding ways to cut costs. After reading an article on Smart Money on the ways retailers are cutting costs, we were a little shocked to say the least. Some retailers and restaurants are finding ways to downright screw over their consumer’s experiences. Thus, exercise caution when out spending your hard-earned dollars.

•    Is the restaurant cutting back on its ingredients, yet the price is the same?
•    Has the business’s level of customer service decreased?
•    Are food portions shrinking? (We’ve also noticed this happening on the retail level.)
•    Is the restaurant providing you a basic glass of water with your meal?
•    Less alcohol in alcoholic drinks.
•    Staff trying to upsell you things you didn’t ask for.

We appreciate honesty. Eating out and retail shopping is not a necessity, especially during these times. So when we decide to eat outside, it’s a treat. We’d rather frequent places that value their customers and take pride in their services. Great service is priceless these days. If you should come across a business that’s penny pinching in a poor manner, we advise you to speak with your money and never give them business again. After all, it’s a buyers market.

*Image courtesy of Amos Morgan.
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