Building Your Success Brand With 3 Steps

by Minority Fortune

biz manBranding is so important. In fact, everyone has a brand whether they realize it or not. When you think about certain figures like President Obama, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, and Mother Theresa, they convey certain images. On the other hand, when you think of people like George W. Bush, Timothy McVeigh, and Antoine Walker, their images may conjure up negative associations. You can either take control of your brand or leave it up to others to decide.

Companies invest big money into their brand. Coca Cola’s Coke is viewed as a necessary commodity. Starbucks is looked at as a simple luxury. Louis Vuitton is seen as a luxurious fashion statement. Apple’s products are seen as modern, trendy, and simple. It’s not by accident. These companies have put in the work to achieve the desired images that they have.

So, what is your brand? Have you ever taken a moment to think about what message you want to send others? If you aim to be a success, it’s time to take control of your brand.

Here’s a few tips for you:

1.   Dress the part: Make sure you look the part of whatever image you want to achieve. While traveling in sweats and a t-shirt may be comfy, it does nothing for your image. Look at notable figures that inspire you and observe their wardrobe choices. Then, attempt to model it. We’ve covered the topic of dressing for success for men and women before.
2.    Provide quality & value: A brand will not stand up on image alone. While the look can be essential, the product must be as well. Your performance indicates your value. Perform well in your tasks and communication to achieve positive recognition. Having credibility also builds value in your personal brand.
3.    Going above & beyond: Exceed other people’s expectations of you. Defy the odds. Become a force to be reckoned with. Reach out to your peers and other professionals. Network and connect with others.

With these actions, people will gravitate towards you because of your radiating energy. When that happens, you will have built a successful brand. However, a brand cannot be stagnant and must evolve with time. It’s just one more important building block for moving further along in your wealth journey.

*Image courtesy of Siri Stafford.
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