Best Buys in the Summertime

by Minority Fortune

groceryshoppingEvery season has its opportune time for certain purchases. We’re currently in the summer season. Therefore, it’s key to keep your eyes open for good bargains and good buys. According to Kiplinger , there are certain buys that are key in this season if you’re looking for certain items. What are they?

•    June: Gym memberships
•    July: Furniture
•    July: Soda, beer, and condiments
•    July: Broadway Tickets
•    August: Patio Furniture
•    August: Outdoor Toys/ Accessories (beach gear, swing sets, etc.)
•    August: Office & School supplies
•    August: Swimwear
•    Fruits & Vegetables (can stock up by canning, freezing, and/or drying)

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