Attracting the Energy of Summer

by Minority Fortune

summericecreamDid you know summer has it’s own optimal energy? We didn’t either. According to Learning Strategies’ newsletter, summer is the time for creative energy. They also talk about using the energy of summer for success.

Summer’s Energy:

* Optimize the flow of energy to your goals.
* Achieve every goal you dare set.
* Tap into the continuous flow of nature’s creative energy.
* Live beyond the limits of beliefs about what is possible for you.
* Intuitively know the exact steps to take.
* Direct all your passion to bring any project to success.
* Resonate with high vibrational energy for succcess.

These principles are commonly taught in various spiritual foundations. The energy for success is abundant and all around us. Take advantage of it, and let your creativity shine!

* Image courtesy of Rolf Bruderer.
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