Are You Appreciating Yourself?

by Minority Fortune

While your initial reaction may automatically assume that you do, how do you measure the results?

yogaFirst, respect your body. A very wise financial teacher once told me while having green tea, “There’s no point in making a lot of money if I’m not going to be around to enjoy it.” Simple yet true. Do we want to spend our senior years paying for all the junk we put into our bodies, visiting doctors and taking myriad prescriptions? Start turning over products in the grocery store and reading the ingredients in them. If they’re extensive and unrecognizable, put it back. Set a goal to exercise regularly. Detox your body and various organs. Take the time out to meditate, pray, or reflect on yourself for a few moments a day.

Second, dress like you’re a big deal. This does not mean dedicating a significant portion of your money into designer brand clothing and gaudy jewelry pieces. Observe the dressing habits of the wealthy. It’s all about quality pieces.

We’ve addressed this before in our dress for success post for men. Guys, get 2-3 quality business shirts, 1-2 silk ties, 2 pair of business slacks (in black or navy blue). Buy a few wool vests and business jackets to interchange with these combinations. Get yourself a nice watch and a leather briefcase.

Ladies, invest in 2-3 business pants/skirts, a pair of power leather pumps, a leather black bag, a few silk tops, a couple of cashmere tops, and a pearl necklace. Get yourself 2-3 business jackets and switch them up for different looks. Check our post on dressing for success for women for more tips.

GreenTeaHow: Try for a small amount. Start with a small amount of exercise, organic & natural foods, detoxification. It’s not a numbers game. It’s about making slow and steady progress. It’s about converting these tips into a lifestyle. After a consistent practice of following your “Appreciation Regimen” for a month, up the ante by 2-5% for the next month. Continue this practice until you reach your lifestyle goal that you’d like to adhere to even when you’re old and wealthy.

Whether we realize it or not, we are a brand. How we invest in our brand determines our inner and outer self-worth.

You Answer:
How do you appreciate yourself?

*Images courtesy of Harvard Common Press.

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