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Africa’s Airline Services Anticipated to Spend $112 Billion By 2028

by Minority Fortune

Africa’s economic growth as a whole is imminent. Despite the various pillaging and colonialism it has endured, it still has much to offer the world. It’s filled with labor and technology potentials, and it has captured the interest of China. In addition to the Chinese interest, Bloomberg reports that it anticipates spending an estimated $112 billion dollars on aircrafts.

Some countries are in better positions to present opportunities than others. Several African countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and others are developing rapidly to catch up with the rest of the world in economic power. China is a proven model that it doesn’t have to take long for a country to expand and become a force to be reckoned with in the global market. So, there’s much excitement for their potential.

The increased budget on airline services presents many opportunities for Africa. Many businesses will spring up as a result of the boost in transportation services. It presents an increased labor, transportation, and industrial force to compliment the growth in transportation. That will lead to an increase in tourism and foreign interests (We’ll hope for positive constructive foreign interests). Therefore, you may want to look within the shining countries of Africa for business opportunities and consider participating in their growth model.

*Image courtesy of Dianne Christie.
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