6 Reasons + 3 Business Resources for Starting Your Own Biz

by Minority Fortune


Is it time to Start Your Own Business?

During these economic times, it’s become crystal clear that it’s “every man for himself”. We’ve watched as companies laid off employees, cut benefits, and struggled. As a result, people have begun to evaluate whether it’s time to get into business for themselves.

It may be time to consider if:

•    Want to be on your own schedule
•    Good at delivering value
•    Have a track record of getting things/projects done
•    Have a strong drive
•    Great planning/ organization skills
•    Take risks

If so, it just may be time to consider getting into business for yourself. For the first time in your life, you would directly get 100% of the profits generated from the fruit of your labor. Your fate would be in your hands and not in a company’s. Look at the growth of Lisa Price, owner of Carol’s Daughter, and Tyler Perry, famed director/ actor for inspiration.

We have resources to share with any aspiring entrepreneurs if you’re looking for more info, knowledge, coaching, etc:

•    Small Business Administration: Offers programs and services for small businesses
•    SCORE : free small business mentoring/ coaching program
•    Local Small Business Development Center : local divisions that provide mentoring and services for small businesses

*Image courtesy of Jon Feingersh.
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