5 Tips for Investing

by Minority Fortune

Investments shouldn’t be painful. In fact, they exist to benefit you. It’s important to keep the process as efficient as possible. With an abundance of information out there, it’s easy to be confused. So, we’ll highlight a few rules courtesy of Mercury News that we haven’t already.

1.    Simplicity – If you don’t know anything about it, avoid it.
2.    Emergency Sell – Ensure that you can sell your investment at any time because investments can be volatile. For example, stocks can be quickly sold with a phone call.
3.    Taxes & Fees– Be informed on the tax implications of your investment. Check for when/ if taxes are deducted and for commission deductions.
4.    Transparency – You should always have ready access to your investment reports. It’s important to track their progress.
5.   Seek Help if Confused – Always reach out to professionals when confused over a certain matter.

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