5 Lessons Learned from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics on Success

by Minority Fortune

The 2010 Winter Vancouver Olympics are just downright inspiring. It’s a concentration of dreams, dedication, focus, and drive. It showcases the glory of those who have mastered their craft. It rewards their hard work. Beneath it all, there lies universal principles that we can all learn from.

1.    Don’t Get too Greedy: The Koreans had a good thing going in the 1500 m speed skating competition with three Korean skaters positioned for all three vancouversibakhosukmedals… that is until one started to get too aggressive. Then it all caught up to them right before the finish line when Ho-Suk Lee fell, taking his comrade Si-Bak Sung with him.
2.    Have Patience: Vancouver Olympics Figure SkatingChinese skating pairs couple Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xue made Olympic history by becoming the first Chinese couple to win Gold. However, this victory did not come overnight for the married duo. They had retired in 2007 but decided to come out of it to give the dreams of gold once last try. And the rest is history. Their victory took eighteen years, surgery, and separation from family before it surfaced. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.
3.    Adversity Can Lead to Best Results: This story was told time and time again at the Vancouver Olympics, but the story that stood out the most was that of Lindsey Vonn who skied her way through a sprained shin to gold. The vancouver_lindsey-vonnathlete had injured herself only 10 days before the event. With a sport that can have you flying at speeds of 60 mph+ and using a lot of footwork, it certainly didn’t look good. Instead of lying in agony, she decided to make it work and go for her dreams full force. Her victory is another testament to how setbacks can actually lead you to another level of greatness.
4.    Small Can Make a Big Impact: As small of a country as South Korea is, they made a huge impact in the men’s speed skating events. Instead of spreading themselves out to participate in every event at the Olympics, they focused on a select few with intricate detail that led to them being a powerful force to reckon with in the various skating events. For a country with the population of about 48 million people, they scored fifth in earning the most gold medals, right under Canada, Germany, US, and Norway. Not bad at all! vancouver medal count

5.    Prepare for the Worst: vancouver-luge-deathIt was devastating for the Olympics when it was discovered that Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili had passed away from a practice run on the track. It was in further poor taste for officials to comment that poor Nodar was too inexperienced for use of the track. However, they realized that there were many safety precautions that hadn’t been addressed and quickly moved to put them in place in less than a day. It’s so unfortunate that it took the life of someone to learn that lesson. However, we can learn to take proper precautions and make back-up plans should a catastrophe affect us.

*Images courtesy of UK Eurosport, ESPN, Amy Sancetta, and NJ.
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