3 Ways to Spend Smart

by Minority Fortune

Tsaleshoppinghe art to spending is to exchange value. Some people are fooled by low prices. Others are fooled by exclusively high prices. A wise spender knows what value they’re getting for their money. We have collected a few tips to keep in mind whilst shopping:

1. Durability matters – We shudder when we see consumers flock to $6.99 business shirts that won’t even last half a year. The cost amounts to $1.16 a month. You could instead opt to buy a classic $60 business shirt that will last over 6 years. Its cost is only $0.83. We’re not saying that more expensive is better. We’re saying that goods of quality do matter. Same goes across the board. Buy products of value. Keep durability in mind. Also, keep in mind that just because an order of fries is $1, you may pay 2000% on that deal years down the road with healthcare costs.
2. Buying in Bulk – Should you come across a great sale, consider buying in bulk. Purchasing your commodities in bulk is also a great way to spend smart and save.
3. Take advantage of free resources: You can utilize the library and book stores for media. You can make your own lunch and breakfast from home with groceries. You can make your own coffee. You can ask for free cups of ice water instead of buying bottled water. Possibilities are endless.

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