3 Economic Lessons to Learn from Angola in Fighting poverty

by Minority Fortune

AngolaFlagEver since the end of a 25-year civil war in 2002, Angola has been continuously making strides. The country has its own diamond and oil resources, which makes its turbulent history no surprise. While these resources could have only benefited a few elite residents, they have been extended to improve the quality of life for everyone. AFROL reports that improvements have been made in malnutrition, education, gender balance, child survival/ malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

While there have been significant strides in several areas, there is still much progress that needs to be made. In the education sector, only 35% of the children are graduating on time. Maternal deaths are still high due to an insufficient number of qualified assistance. Improvement is also needed in the area of clean drinking water. Currently, only 42% have access to clean water. These problems stem from the fact that over 90% of citizens live in poverty. However, it seems that the country is focusing on the key underlying factors to eradicate this situation.

Angola may not yet serve as an adequate model for a smooth running economy, but it has several things that are worth highlighting, which is worth sharing:

1. Addressing Underlying Causes: Angola is fully aware of the causes of the dire poverty in their country. Hence why they are focusing on health, education, and equality. Hopefully, the country will be able to multiply efforts over the coming years, adding infrastructure and employment opportunities to the mix.
2. Working for the People: Since the days of colonialism, Africa has been the subject of much exploitation for its resources. Many countries to this day continue to have their resources taken in return for a fraction of the profits that serve to benefit a handful of people, creating much political strife and corruption. It’s notable that Angola is working to serve the people directly.
3. Moving Forward: After fighting for independence from Portugal and then combating internal conflict, Angola has experienced many setbacks. The only way to progress is to move forward. Instead of talking about change, they’re actually making it bit by bit. It’s commendable that Angolans have been able to unite for the greater cause of restoring their country.

Within eight years of stability, Angola has been making impressive strides. We celebrate this accomplishment and encourage countries around the world to mimic the good things that are occurring.

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