10 Ways to Relieve Stress

by Minority Fortune

Carrying stress is a big burden. Not only does it rob you of physical productivity, it can do a number on your emotional and physical health. Stress can affect contemplationrelationships and work production. Therefore, it’s not something one should ignore. While minority groups are equipped with high tolerance to stress, once it hits it affects us just like everyone else. However, minorities are less likely to address it, deeming it as a low priority.

Well, ignoring stress is not a good method. It’s not sustainable, and it will show itself through your emotions, behaviors, and productivity. Are your family and friend relationships going awry? Feeling bad at work? Getting sick more? You may be harboring stress unconsciously.

Whether you currently have stress or not, using stress relief practices can prevent stress from intruding in your life. It’s a serious issue, and it’s a liability to your life and wealth journey. So, check out our suggestions to combat stress.

10 Ways to Combat Stress

1. Taking a Walk: Even 10 minutes works to ease stress levels.
2. Laughter: Good for the soul.
3. Breathing: It’s the core of our existence and a powerful source to return in times of turmoil
4. Yoga: a system that combines meditation, exercise, and breathing
5. Meditation: Sometimes an intense focus on the body and silence is extremely soothing; it can provide a free escape from the chaotic world
6. Music: It can be a powerful instrument of therapy to play music that motivates, calms, or heals you.
7. Divine Spirit: Using a divine source whether using religion, God, and/or spiritual literature can also work to ease your burdens
8. Eating Properly: Cutting back on sugars, caffeine, and processed foods can increase productivity and energy
9. Expression: It can be a big help to get out that inner pain, whether through writing, painting, singing, dancing, or any expressive activity.
10. Focus on the Positive: Sometimes we don’t know what we have until we lose it. Instead of letting the negative distract us, focus on what’s going right in your life.

*Image courtesy of Trinette Reed.
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