Spotlight on 5 Successful Latino And Hispanic Operated Companies

by Minority Fortune

Congratulations are in order to the CEOs and owners of the top Hispanic companies reported by Inc Magazine. We love celebrating minority accomplishments in the business and finance world. While many minority businesses are progressing well in these ages, there’s still a big gap for opportunity. It’s always great news to hear of minority businesses that are thriving and rising above the pack.

We’re proud to feature the top 5 Latino and Hispanic Owned Companies:

hispanicbiz1Alexander Anthony & Albert Fernandez, Co-founders, Northern Capital Insurance, No. 1

Co-founders of this year’s No. 1 Inc. 500 company, Alexander Anthony and Albert Fernandez are both of Cuban descent. Fernandez was born in Havana and immigrated to the U.S. with his family at age four. Anthony was born in Newark, N.J. shortly after his family arrived in the U.S. from Cuba in 1964. Before starting Northern Capital Insurance together in 2003, they ran a 900-person security-guard company, which they sold once they realized there was a greater need for quality insurance carriers in hurricane-battered Florida.
hispanicbiz2 Mary Ellen Trevino, Owner, P3S Corporation, No. 17

The daughter of a Mexican immigrant mother and American father, Mary Ellen Trevino grew up in Port Isabel — a town on the Texas-Mexico border — under difficult financial circumstances. Her father was a stroke victim and unable to work, so Trevino studied hard in high school and earned a scholarship to attend college at St. Mary’s University. She went on to get her MBA and began a career in the federal sector. She started P3S Corporation in 2005 to provide a variety of business solutions to the federal government.

hispanicbiz3 Bruno Almeida, CEO, US Media Consulting, No. 74
Born and raised in Brazil, Bruno Almeida came to the United States during high school when his father got transferred to Miami for his job. He graduated from the University of Miami and became interested in the field of media planning. Although Almeida didn’t return to his native Brazil as he had once hoped, US Media Consulting keeps him close to his roots. The company provides advertising and consulting services to clients trying to reach the Latin American and Hispanic markets.

hispanicbiz4 Michael Cabrera, CEO, C&I Engineering, No. 102

Michael Cabrera was born on an Indian reservation in Toppenish, Wash.; his parents were migrant farm workers from Mexico. The second of eight children, Cabrera had to work in the fields to help support his family. Later, he put himself through college and received a degree in electrical engineering. After 20 years of working in the industry, Cabrera decided to branch out on his own and started C&I Engineering in 1999.

hispanicbiz5Tony Jimenez, CEO, MicroTech, No. 176
Tony Jimenez’s Hispanic identity has always played a central role in his career. MicroTech, which Jimenez started in 2004 after a celebrated 24 years of service in the military, has received numerous awards, including being named the fastest-growing Hispanic-owned private company by Hispanic Business. Staying true to his veteran roots, MicroTech provides a variety of IT and technical services to federal government and private sector clients. Jimenez was born in the U.S., but traces his ancestry to Spain, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

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