Lessons from Countries Thriving in a Global Recession

by Minority Fortune

global learningWhile it may be rainy days for a lot of developed countries, it’s not the case in many emerging ones. They’ve been able to remain stable in a time where other countries could not. There must be something we can obtain from their model. Forbes covers twelve countries that doing well. What is it that they doing?

Lessons from Brazil

Brazil has been rising quite well for sometime now. How are they doing so well?
•    They saved during the booming years, stocking their reserves.
•    They’re not so reliant on the credit model.
•    The country had competent financial regulations in place.
•    Has encouraged the diversity in domestic production.

Lessons from Australia australia

•    An abundance of natural resources
•    Reduction in interest rates for consumers

Lessons from the Phillipines

•    The government formed labor agreements with other countries.
•    Selling its cheap labor force to countries hit hard with unemployment

Lessons from Poland Poland

•    Little dependency on Western Europe
•    Large domestic market
•    Favorably low interest rates

Lessons from Lebanon

•    Did not invest in the crappy subprime loans.
•    Avoided credit from foreign markets
•    Current stability has led to a boost in real estate and tourism

What’s the conclusion?
These countries have a few things in common that can be useful to us. Don’t be dependent on credit. Save aggressively in good times. Have less dependency on others for wealth. Find good interest rates. Market your strengths where there is a demand. Diversify your investments.

*Images courtesy of Allan Baxter and John Foxx.
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