Lesson to Learn: Do Not Buy High and Sell Low

by Minority Fortune

Words of wisdom:

“When stocks are attractive, you buy them. Sure, they can go lower. I’ve bought stocks at $12 that went to $2, but then they later went to $30. You just don’t know when you can find the bottom.”
- Peter Lynch

What we want to concentrate on is the bigger picture. Buying stocks at a discount and holding them is a fundamental principal, but financial media is reporting that many clients are reducing their stock percentages in their portfolios. Big no no!

Does it seem counterintuitive? Yes. Should you listen to those fears? No. If you’re serious about acquiring wealth, there has got to be some risk involved. Recondition your thinking. If you’ve invested in strong stocks and done your research, hold those babies Warren Buffet style! We youngsters, especially, will ride out any storms and can’t afford to lose out to inflation and missing profits in the market.

Remember, anyone holding significant assets/wealth is holding money directly or indirectly via the market. Join the crowd! Buy low. Sell high.

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