Learn to Frugally Spend Like the Millionaires Do

by Minority Fortune

Many people seem to have gotten the wrong memo, and think millionaires have massive spending habits. They put their money to work on things that return value and money. If they aren’t, it’s quite simple: they won’t be wealthy for long.

Time to get frugal!

US News has a news article based on research from interviewing 70 millionaires about their spending habits. This is what the article reveals:

•    Shopping is not a sport.
•    Cars that are used and fuel-efficient with “certified pre-owned” warranty
•    Dine with value: Bring your own wine/beer. Eat during happy hour.
•    Eating at Home: Buy day-old bread at bakery and freeze it. Oatmeal for breakfast is the least expensive.
•    Grocery shopping: Get the supermarket club cards. Take advantage of discounts. Try to outdo your discount percentage with each trip to the store.
•    Clothing: When buying something new, donate something old to charity. Buy off-season. Buy quality, not quantity.
•    Electronics: Avoid first version of software and electronics and wait for bugs to be fixed. Refurbished is fine.

We totally advocate these habits! Check out the article for a few more additional tips of the habits of frugal millionaires.

You Answer:

Can you think of 10 habits in this article to execute in one month? Have others of your own to add?

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