Grade A Move: Lebron Donates 1000 Computers Through Foundation

by Minority Fortune

The Gift of Giving

Lebron James and his Lebron James Foundation along with HP donated 1000 computers to over 50 different Boys & Girls Clubs across the country. Yahoo Sports reports that this donation was helped in part by the basketball star capitalizing off his controversial decision special, which raised over $3 million dollars for charitable purposes. However, this is a great move. The countless lives that will be affected by this good deed make it all worth it. These clubs get attention, and the children are positively impacted.

We highlight this story as it is a classic example of true wealth. One’s wealth can never be measured by how much he has but by how much he gives. The kind of giving that we refer to is a giving that leaves a person, structure, or environment in a better state than it was before. Exchanging money for luxury goods for yourself isn’t what we are referring to, as giving should be selfless. The ego is set aside; one has the genuine intention to better something or someone else.

Lebron James talks about his decision to give back.

“I know a lot comes with being a professional athleteThat’s also being a role model to a lot of kids that look up to me. This automatically comes with it. And I have nothing but time for kids. I could easily be at home and just relaxing. … But the opportunity to be here and giving back to these kids, I’m happy to do it.”

This is exactly the state of mind we like to celebrate here at Minority Fortune. We celebrate those hundreds or thousands of children that will be affected. We celebrate Lebron & HP’s giving. We celebrate the better future that has been created as a result.

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