Beyonce’s Wealth Empire Rich in Diversity

by Minority Fortune


According to Forbes, Beyonce has had a great year, earning $87 million in one year! Here’s how it breaks down:

Touring and Merchandise: $14 Million
Films: $5 Million
Fashion: $15 Million
Music Publishing: $8 Million
Endorsements: $20 Million
Tour Sponsors: $4 Million

We’re more than happy to report when an individual has greatly amassed wealth. Beyonce Knowles is a success story because wealth asset management does not necessarily correlate with individuals with successful careers. Einstein, Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson, Sir Isaac Newton anyone? This has nothing to do with personal feelings. Amassing $87 million in ONE YEAR is an astonishing accomplishment. It’s one worth studying and putting to practice in our lives.


Beyonce practices a few techniques that we advocate at Minority Fortune:
1. Diversifying Income: Whilst many align Beyonce’ with her singing career, she has broad pools of additional income in fashion, film, endorsements, etc.
2. Being Frugal: Beyonce’s stated many times that she practices being very frugal. She hasn’t had to purchase clothes and jewelry since her late teen years. Why? Designers giver her clothing/jewelry for gratis (free) to have their brand aligned with her.
3. Ownership in Brand: Whilst she may be an entertainer, she understands the benefits of having ownership over your brand in front of the camera and most importantly, behind the scenes. Having your hands in the music publishing fees from your music is golden.
4. Investing Funds: Instead of blowing a million a month, Beyonce’ puts her money to work in investments. One example stated in interviews is real estate.

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