A Case of Successful Entrepreneurship with Lawrence Watkins

by Minority Fortune

Lawrence Watkins managed to grow his business to earn an estimated $60,000 a month in revenue. The business, Great Black Speakers, helps secure African American speakers and then assists in booking them for various events. It’s also important to note that he is the brother of Dr. Boyce Watkins, a prominent black author, commentator, economist, activist, and speaker. So, it’s safe to say that the man is highly well-versed in his craft.

lawrencewatkinsIn this interview, conducted over at Mixergy, Lawrence details how the business began. For all aspiring or current entrepreneurs, there’s much to learn. Lawrence brings up various great things:

  • Following your passion, even if it means risking stability to do so
  • Hustling hard to get the results you want
  • How to grab the attention of the press
  • Overcoming Obstacles

We hope that you enjoy the interview as much as we did. Do check it out as there are universal tactics that can be applied in your everyday life!

*Interview courtesy of Mixergy & picture courtesy of Great Black Speakers.
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