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5 Things to Learn from Steve Jobs for Grade A Success

by Minority Fortune

Steve Jobs’ passing was a tragedy to the world. He will be truly missed. The tech industry has lost a true visionary (yes, we dare to say this word for the billionth time). After letting the news digest, we decided to contribute a post to the amazing life that was Steve Jobs’. To be honest, many individuals will never experience 1/10 of the life he had. Yet, it shouldn’t stop us from achieving success of our own in whatever way that may mean to each individual. So, we present five exemplary things to learn from this extremely talented individual. Thank you, Steve!

  1. Action + Passion = Success: Throughout the day, one will go through many actions. The question becomes, are the actions that you are performing everyday fulfilling? Are those actions in touch with your passions? Steve Jobs had unwavering passion towards technology and simplicity in customer experience. Action by itself may or may not be productive. Unengaged passion certainly leads to nothing. Together, they are a powerful combo. While these two may not lead us all down the path of billionaire status and a global empire, we can wake up everyday with excitement as fuel.
  2. Be great: Never compromise. Raise the bar. Too many of us play it so boringly safe in life, as if there will one day be a billion dollar trust waiting for us at the end of our lives, rewarding us for living a mundane, mediocre life.  When watching a 100m sprint race, no one’s watching the people in the back. All eyes are on the leaders. Don’t be in the back. Never fear being disruptive.
  3. Lead. Never Follow: While many can only recall Steve Jobs’ glorious ipod innovation, this was more than almost two and a half decades into his technological career. However, if you look at the history of Apple, you will find a long history of unique technologies of the highest craftsmanship. Even when Apple computers were the underdog, they never caved and began imitating the industry giant of Microsoft and PCs. Yet, all of the tech giants of today endlessly imitate Apple products instead of leading in their own respective strengths. Know your strengths and stick to them like super glue.
  4. Punch adversity in the face: Many people face some form of adversity, and Steve Jobs was no exception. He dropped out of college to pursue his own endeavors. His company took a backseat to IBM and the rise of the PC in the 80s and 90s. He was ousted as CEO of Apple in the mid-80s.  The biggest adversity of it all was battling cancer. Even throughout dealing with cancer, Jobs gave 110% in everything he did. Instead of allowing cancer to dictate his life, he dictated his own, going on to accelerate innovation at Apple with the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Air. If that isn’t overcoming adversity, we don’t know what is.
  5. Life is short: Whilst Steve Jobs may have only lived for 56 years on this planet, he experienced and achieved more in his life than many will achieve in a lifetime. His legacy will span for generations to come. The focus should always be on the here and now. Spend your time on the people and things that matter, as we never know when our time will come.

Our condolences go out to Steve’s family and friends.

*Image courtesy of Wall Street Journal.
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