Baby States His $100 Million Forbes Evaluation as Too Low

by Minority Fortune

The Good

A man best known as partial record label owner of Cash Money Records, Baby, has amassed an estimated $100 million in fortune. Forbes listed Baby as No. 5 in their wealthy hip hop artist list. Now that’s something worth congratulating someone over! It’s no small feat to earn the big bucks in the music industry these days. As it is, there only lies a small amount of artists and label owners accomplishing just this.

Surprisingly, there is something positive amidst this short interview clip. We applaud Baby’s lack of content with his millionaire status. Sure, he’s attained wealth that many will never have in their lifetime. However, he has his eyes set on a bigger accomplishment: becoming a billionaire. This is the kind of thinking that we celebrate here at Minority Fortune. Once a goal is reached, it’s time to think bigger. Billionaire status is a highly appropriate goal.

The Bad

The endless flossing is quite tiring. Since he’s been in contact with money for at least a decade now, the “hardly wealthy” behavior is getting old. Beyond the flashy jewelry and cars, one should now have greater pleasure than from endless spending and boasting about money.

First of all, it’s not difficult to spend money. People do that all day every day, even when they don’t have it. It’s way more impressive that you’ve earned the money. We’re not dictating that one shouldn’t enjoy their newfound wealth with leisurely spending, but it’s in poor taste to constantly flash items that mostly depreciate in time. At this point, Baby’s fancy jewelry and cars signify the millions in wealth that he no longer has.

Second, real wealth moves in silence. By posting videos, rapping, and flossing videos on your fancy toys, you become a walking target. And by target we don’t just mean “haters”, we mean the big boys: the IRS. The wealthy elite do everything in their power to hide their true wealth. Baby is a fool to admittedly boast of bigger, possibly unreported earnings. With interviews and videos everything, how could he ever escape scrutiny?

There does lie a businessman within Baby, but there also lies a broke man in there too. Honestly, you can find men in the projects with big jewelry and fancy BMWs. It’s more rare to see a man take money and make more of it. We’d like to see a little more of that and a little less of the “hardly wealthy” behavior.

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