What Things Might Look Life if the Dollar Died

by Minority Fortune

It’s always a good thing to be prepared for all scenarios. Little do we know how much our lives are affected by the status of the dollar. We only get a glimpse of it with inflation and rising prices from time to time. However, if China unpegged its currency to the dollar, stopped backing the dollar, or the dollar stopped being the world reserve currency, we’d be in a whole new dilemma. This YouTube video has gotten over half a million views. It’s worth checking it out.

Protect Yourself

This isn’t something you’d ever see covered in mainstream news until it’s a full-blown crisis, quite like how things occurred with the subprime crisis. While it’s easier to ignore an impending crisis, those who are prepared will fare better. A few things to take away from this video:

Buy gold and silver: All paper currencies have the potential to be worthless since they are not backed with tangible assets. It would be wise to always hold a portion of your value in gold and silver. It’s also the one currency that you could use in any country.
Stock up on Goods: If you ever have a gut feeling that a crisis could be on the rise, stock up on water, canned goods, nuts, non-GMO seeds, and tools.
Stay Vigilant: Don’t expect the mainstream news to inform you of any crisis until it’s already in motion. Instead watch those who actually have control over the dollar: China. Look for numerous war and terrorism distractions.

With these tips in mind, you could easily stay two steps ahead of any impending disaster.

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