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Finding Meaning in Free

by Minority Fortune

Some people reject reducing their spending because they fear the empty void that may be left. Instead of rejecting change, think of a solution. Challenge yourself to find a free substitute for spending. While there are countless solutions, the key is to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Finding Substitutions

Discover the things that bring you joy and cost you nothing. Maybe you could replace shopping time with connecting with estranged friends and family. You could pick up the phone and call a friend to replace the activity. Maybe you could go on a short run/ jog. Then again you could spend that time to learn a new language. Maybe you could pursue developing your love life or strengthening it if you already have one. You could use your newfound time to study in an area of interest. Perhaps you could consider time meditating, praying, and paying attention to yourself. If all else fails, who wouldn’t want to get a nap in more often?

Know yourself. We’re generally creatures of habit. When do you find yourself caving in and spending most often? On the weekends? After work? On Friday evening? If you don’t know, begin paying attention to your spending behaviors. You’ll surely find a pattern. It may be that you’re easily distracted when on your way to complete another task, like paying bills or getting gas. If you find yourself randomly giving in, check yourself. Keep in mind that it’s all for the sake of paying yourself first before you pay others.

*Image courtesy of Robert Koene.
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