Warren Buffet Sees the Railroad as the Future

by Minority Fortune


The investing world hangs on every move that Warren Buffett makes. He’s recently given everyone something to talk about with his recent investment purchase. He’ has just invested $26 billion into Burlington Northern, a railroad company. His reasoning is that the company has a monopoly on train transportation and speculates that the industry will continue to thrive over the next few years.

Analysts are full of speculation over the latest move. Columnists over at the Globe and Mail speculate that Buffett sees great potential for the company’s future. There’s the belief that train transportation will continue to steadily rise for transporting goods given its competitive costs. Despite the stock being flat over the past year, it didn’t stop Buffett from bringing out the big bucks to acquire a comfy position in Burlington Northern.

We love following Buffett’s stock picks. Buffett’s made history by being such a remarkable investor. It’s always a great educational opportunity to learn the moves from the best. So, we’ll continue to watch Burlington Northern to see where it goes.

*Image courtesy of Gregory Warran.
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