The Secret to Art Investing

by Minority Fortune


Art collections are highly adored by wealth-oriented investors. It’s a secret that the average ordinary person knows nothing about. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the potential investment behind art and to learn how one profits from such techniques.

There are a few important things to keep in mind with art:

Art is a risky area of investment. Professionals advise that you purchase art that you have an affinity for, as opposed to art that you suspect will be worth more in the long-run. It’s important to enjoy what you’re purchasing with your money because it is not guaranteed that the art will appreciate. Art can be even more volatile than stocks.

Art may be volatile, but it has been proven to have its rewards. By analyzing works of art that sell more than once at auction, Economist Goetzmann says that the rate of return for art exceeds the rate of inflation. Some downsides are that the interest in the piece is relative, the high purchase price can eat into the profit, and its industry trends are less documented.

Several investors have collected art as a source of investment. The Art Capital Group Inc. and Citigourp Private Bank even offer loans that offer art as collateral. There are several investment funds that acquire art as a diversified holding. Therefore, there’s no denying the power that art can hold. The consensus is that one should stick to art that they enjoy.

If you are seeking further information on a certain piece of art, seek the services of a professional art appraiser.

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