Silver: Worth an Investment?

by Minority Fortune

silverSilver appears to always take the backseat to gold. However, it has generated its own group of loyal investors. It is commonly purchased in bars, coins, rounds, and/or stocks. It carries advantages of its own. The key is in understanding its market.

It perks can be attractive for those interested in precious metal investments. Silver is significantly more affordable than gold. When gold begins to rise, those looking to get into the market may opt for silver. Professional silver investor David Morgan expects silver to generate profits when the rise of precious metals occurs (This is usually gauged when gold peaks past $1,000).

Silver is a tricky market because timing is key. The silver investments tend to perform in cycles. Its value tends to rely on industry demand. Morgan believes that the time to buy silver is at the moment because he feels that a confidence boost in precious metals is eminent.

Should you consider investing in silver, consider its purity. Professionals advise investing in stocks that generate revenue almost entirely from silver. Stay away from companies that only have a small portion of silver investments, i.e. gold, lead, & copper mining companies. The same goes for silver bars, coins, and rounds. Make sure you’re getting as close to 99% portion of silver possible.

If silver investments interest you, consider visiting the sites of savvy silver investors for additional information.

*Image courtesy of Thomas Northcut
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