Investing Tools of the Rich

by Minority Fortune


We’ll expound on these at a later time, but we want to introduce you to concepts you may or may not have heard of. Simple enough. We’ll go right in.

IPOs (initial public offerings); pre-sale of the stock of a company about to go on the stock market
Tax liens : government issues claims to get money on the property taxes not yet paid; safe investment w/ great returns, and in rare scenarios, you could be awarded the house you’ve invested in if the property owner doesn’t pay their debt
Venture capital financing: investing money in promising companies for expansion in hopes of the company getting sold, going public, or reaping explosive profit
REIT (Real estate investment trade): trades like stock with direct investments in real estate; has high yield perks and tax advantages
Hedge funds: platform for advanced, wealthy investors to get large returns on their wealth
Private placement: capital raised to companies in a private fashion in exchange for securities

Time to educate yourself on those terms you’re not familiar with. Minority Fortune challenges you to become an advanced investor!

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