Investing in Real Estate

by Minority Fortune


When you think of a home, think passive wealth income.

It is the common held belief that real estate is a viable asset, and it definitely can be. However, most people don’t realize that they aren’t really banking even on their real estate due to all the monthly fees and bills on the home. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the true value of the home, independent of the broker. They’d sell you a home in the favelas of Rio de Janiero if they could. (We realize not all brokers are like this, but we’re making a point here.)

Here’s what you should consider:

• Buy your homes under a business corporation (C-Corp, LLP, LLC, INC, etc.) for tax benefits
• Ensure that the property has positive cash flow
• Look for Potential Growth. Check for any construction or new infrastructure.*
• Check for Leading Schools. Areas with top ranked schools are prime for good real estate.*

*Tips courtesy of Investopedia. Image courtesy of DreamPictures.
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