Gold: How to Get In on Its Wealth

by Minority Fortune

goldGold is the international symbol of wealth. Regardless of inflations, down markets, and recessions, it’s timeless in its worth. While most Western countries no longer have their currencies tied to the value of gold they have, every country has its stake to back their worth. Question is, how much do you hold? Before you go pulling out your 24 ct Cash Money chains or precious rings, realize that we’re talking about something bigger: solid gold.

People have varying opinions on how one should invest in gold. However, there’s no denying its value. Most people simply mix their mutual fund portfolios with a modest investment of gold, ranging from 5% to 15%.

Whether you go on a rampant search for gold coins, bullions, bars, or mutual funds, guard your investment carefully.

Gold is stored away typically in secure safes. Therefore, most investors opt to store their money in mutual funds.

Gold’s value on the market certainly does fluctuate, but here are some mutual funds to look into:

o    Fidelity Select Gold (FSAGX) has large cap gold companies
o    PDR Gold Shares (GLD) own gold bullion and not any company stocks.

For further geeked out gold information, check out !

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