China Going for the Gold

by Minority Fortune

chinagoldWith gold surpassing the four-digit mark, it’s become very valuable and captured the industry’s attention. While it may be too rich for many to purchase, Globe and Mail reports that China is looking to increase its holding in gold. It already possesses over 1,000 tons of the precious metal, which is about only 1.6 percent of its Forex holdings.

Despite the decrease in gold’s demand, it serves as an excellent investment buffer. We suspect China wants to further secure a portion of their investments to gold as a solid investment. There’s still speculation that gold can climb even higher since supply is still lower than demand. China isn’t known for irrational investing. Therefore, they must see much potential in gold.

We have to give China its credit. Their recent purchasing behaviors further prove that they are trying to become a leading investment power. Instead of following, they’re carving their own path to wealth. It’s a pleasure watching their investment selections. We’re taking a few notes, and we advise you to do so as well!

*Image courtesy of Donovan Reese.
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